Our Team


Head of the Department

One tree can start a forest, one word can frame a goal, one candle can wipe out darkness, A true leader has a confidence to stand alone.

Prof.T.Suguna AP/IT


The fragrance of flowers spread only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person spreads in all directions

Arun Kumar

General secretary

Ship without Captain might drown in sea!


Executive Member

If bold and beautiful is personified, that would be her!



A benign and sociable guy who can aid you in everything !

Nusrath safiha


Dedication and determination are defined for her.Even a coin can't displace without her


Head of Technical Committee

Charming person who never fails to keep everyone engaged which strengthens our team.

Lakshmi Vineka

Head of Technical Committee

A quick-witted person who is ambitious and skilled.


Head of Decom

The jack of all trades who is playing vital role in broadening horizons of our club with ardent dedication.


Head of Decom

A studious person who has great insights in everything he does.!


Head of Syscom

Don't be fooled though, for he could turn the tables with his managerial skills in the nick of time.


Head of Hoscom

A studious person who has great insights in everything he does.